Good Afternoon Church Family,

This week I have thanking God for the Sunday that we had, and all that He did in our midst. Our God is amazing. We had seven new families visit our Church this Sunday. Getting back to some normal was great on Sunday as well. I was able to sit in a Life group class with my wife and other couples in our Church. Thankful for our Life group teachers and the work they are putting in during the week.

This Sunday we are going to conclude the Against the Grain Series, and it is going to be great. Titled “Being a Prayer Warrior” and how God calls us to pray. I believe that this Message will be important to our walk with Jesus.

Also, next Sunday is Faith Promise Sunday and we will have Dr. Duane Srader Preaching for us that Sunday, so plan to be either In-Person with us, or Online. Doc is an amazing communicator, and even greater friend to myself and I am looking forward to hearing him speak to us.

I am thanking God for you today, and appreciate you greatly. I pray that you have a great weekend, and looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Pastor Joe Ward
Love God, Love People, Make Disciples

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