Church Family,

I have had some thoughts today after I left Church. The Church is God’s idea. (Matthew 16:18) God loves the Church. While we cannot predict as Pastor’s, Leaders, or Christians what the Church will look like moving forward, I can assure you that God will take care of His Church. But, that will involve YOU.

I understand that the Pandemic has done two things most likely, 1) You maybe more relaxed now. Worshiping at home is good. Having bacon in your pajamas is good. Thinking about getting your whole family to Church is a mess. (I understand Lol) Maybe, your making plans to Worship at home for good now. Or, 2) It has given you a greater sense of commitment to God and the Church. You miss community. You miss Worshiping Together. You miss connecting with other Christians. You miss serving. (We will need help in our Children’s Life Groups)

I do know that the Church’s future needs YOU. Community. Accountability. Personal Growth. Serving one another. Serving people who think that the Love of God is not for them. The Church needs YOU. There may be different times ahead. They may be difficult. The Church is adapting. Changing. The ways we “used to do things” may not work. But we will seek Knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding.

I know this, that God will take care of His Church. I know that God will take care of YOU. I know that the Church needs YOU.

  • Know you are valued.
  • You are needed.
  • You are prayed for.
  • And you are loved.

Pastor Joe Ward
Love God, Love People, Make Disciples

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